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  • King of healing and defense
  • Character can resurrect the dead and summon beasts


  • Hard to fight alone
  • It's better fight together with another destiny

Poet Spells:
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Subpath Spells:
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(HyunMoo Spells: click here)

Penukaran Pengalaman:
(Penukaran Pengalaman: click here)

Grade I


  • Minimum statistic required for Poet Job's player: HP 25000 / MP 25000.
  • Has reach level 99 with good karma.
  • Have at least 25 Adventures (from Temple Mission).
  • Requirement items: 1 Maze Gold Chestnut, 1 Mythic Heart, 1 Christmass Rose, 1 set Element Key (Water, Mount, Cloud, Heaven, Lightning, Earth, Pond, and Fire) and 10 Zibong Essence.
  • Required experience: 12.500.000 EXP.
  • Required coins: 6.000 coins.


  • Carry 10 Zibong Essence, 1 Maze Gold Chestnut(obtained from redeeming Tobacco Pipe from Kaming's Amber Transaction Mission with
    NPC Buya Maze Room 20), 1 Christmass Rose (From Santa Killer) and 1 Mythic Heart (Reward from Lesser Mythic mission).
  • Also carry 8 Element Key that gained from Mythic's King (Water, Mount, Cloud, Heaven, Lightning, Earth, Pond, and Fire) in exchange for the Key of Life.
  • Go to West Mythic to go to gate of heaven (once summoned 1.000 coins).
  • Click the NPC in the middle, 8 Element Key will be taken away and replaced with a Key of Life.
  • Then walk towards the bottom right, select Grade improvement, to the above five types of items will be taken, it will appear red Sage "<player name> Has Become a DoRin".
  • Click again on the NPC Bottom Right, learn magic select Grade, 250 coins and 500.000 EXP will be taken (1 specified weapon may needed), then given an additional 1 magic Buss Kiss.

Grade II


  • Has become a DoRin
  • Minimum statistic required : HP 100.000 / MP 100.000
  • Have Fire Dragon Scale and Sea Dragon Scale.
  • 25 Zibong Essence needed.
  • Require minimum 75 adventures.
  • Has killed Shenlong (recommended when want a new grade 2 kills shenlong because every kill 50 monsters or 1 hour has not lost quest grade 2)
  • Minimum required experience [sacrificed]
  • Carry 10.000 coins


  • Reflect [require 750.000 experience and 600 coins]
  • Sin of Life [require 750.000 experience and 750 coins]

How to get Dragon Scale:

  • Go to Tiger Palace at Tiger Cave Mythic I (last room)
  • Find NPC Sarduk at room Tanah Sesal 014.012, Tiger Palace
  • Then go to Dragon Island from the top of NPC.
  • Slay the Dragon is there. If you have killed the dragon you will get a Dragon Scales.
  • Go to the Tailor Chi in Buya or Tailor Cry in Kugnae. Tailor Chi or Cry may redeem the Dragon Scales into a Sea Dragon Scale or Fire Dragon Scales. (This exchange process is in need of luck, including a very small percentage of success)


  • Carry the Fire Dragon Scale and Sea Dragon Scale, 25 Zibong Essence.
  • Go to the Mythic West to go to Heaven Gate(once summoned 1.000 coins).
  • Then walk towards the top right, select improved Grade II, NPC will be pulled-check whether you already have experience saving 2.1 billion (just check) and the item will be taken, it will appear red Sage "<player name> Has Become a MyungRin".
  • Congratulations, you have successfully become a MyungRin

Grade III


  • Already become as MyungRin
  • Minimum required HP 300.000 & MP 300.000
  • 1 Silver Compass
  • 1 Mythic Heart
  • 75 Zibong Essence
  • 200 Finish Adventures
  • 1 Master of Ability
  • Kill 3 Hell Guards (Party Allowed)
  • Kill 1 Gilim (Party Allowed)
  • 30.000.000 EXP
  • 25.000 Coins

How to create Key of Totem:

- Bring 3 Key of Life and Totem Keys Set(Jujak, Chungrong, Hyunmoo, Baekho) to Sesi Village (Sabana Room 40 Koor 77:189)
- Go to NPC Junghwa (Sesi Village Koor 10:35)
- Go to Air Terjun Koor 30:50, then Koor 65:10, and say "Key of Totem"
**Note: If creation is failed, Totem Key Set will destroyed.

How to create Key of Life:

- Bring 8 Element Key (Pond, Water, Fire, Mountain, Thunder, Earth, Wind, and Heaven)
- Go to NPC Gate of Heaven in Mythic I Gate West
- Need 12.000.000 Experience Sacrified  for each exchange


  • Items needed: (Party Allowed: Each Party only Need 3 Key of Totem in total)
  • Kill each MVP in Hell Gate and get the MVP item

Hell Gate Coordinate:
1. Green Cave (Forest 171 193)
2. Iron Cave (Forest 211 198)
3. Lobster Cave (Forest 73 02)

  • Kill Gilim (Forest 27 175)
  • Talk to NPC Gate of Heaven and bring all the requirement
  • it will appear red Sage "<player name> Has Become a JinRin".


  • Heal Charm
  • Soul Call

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