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  1. Register a Forum Account at
  2. Noted: One Forum Account can Register Maksimum 3 Characters, Character cannot be deleted after REGISTERED!
  3. Waiting a Confirmation Email at your Email (that being used for Number 1 above)
  4. Then, Run Your PlayNexia.exe in the Game Menu > PressNew > Create Your Character with your desired Nickname
  5. After Your Character Being Created Back to Forum, Login into your Forum Account >  Character MenuCharacter Activation (or use this link: 
  6. If your Character Registration Complete you will be notified Your Chacater has been Activated
  7. Done! Have Fun! Don't forget to read our Rules at Bulletin (Press B inside the GAME)
  8. Don't you ever lost your Email / Forum Account (you wont get your character back) !!!
  9. If you need assisstant / help please asked other players / moderator via Forums / Bulletin


  • To communicate with other players is easy: press'Enterthen you can type in what you say. Finish by pressing'Enter and you will speak.
  • To talk privately to another player berikuti how: PressShift '+'"and then type the name of the player you want to dial. And pressEnterThen you can type in what you say. Finish by pressing'Enter and the wind will carry your words to the intended person wherever located.
  • PressShift '+'; 'Then PressShift+'/ To see what kind of emotion.
  • Press the letter you want expresikan emotions. For example, the expression of laughter, press the'SHIFTand'A
  • List of emotions:
    expression what? [Ap]
    a: Laughter
    b: Sad
    c: Shame
    d: Genit
    e: Bored
    f: Sleepy
    g: Shocked
    h: angry
    i: j
    dancer: No tau
    k: Upset
    l: Dancing
    m: Respect
    n: o
    Subject: Strange
    p: Kiss
  • To see the name of the object, press the; for everything.
  • Please note that this is an examination of what is directly in front of you. So you approach what you want to observe. For the monster you can also click on them to get their names, there are a few ways to learn the skills to find out more about them.
  • To take the goods, how: Standing right above what you would take, and then press'>. Applies to all goods. If there are several kinds of items on the floor, you can pick it up at once by pressingShiftand'< at the same time.
  • PressDto drop something, and then press theShift+/ 'to see what you will drop. Once you see the item you want to drop, type the alphabet. For example, if a white amber is the first object in your item list. To drop it, hitA. Some items in the alphabet can be dropped together in a single menjatuhkan.Jika you want to drop all items on the alphabet you can press theShiftwhen you hit theD 'to drop everything.
  • In order to swing a weapon, press'1In Playnexia, attacks using magic attack, notSPACE '. Frustrating when you see the HP and MP is reduced at the time of the attack to the monster? Bring some food, or drugs on the inventory spells you will use. Then press theUand then press theShift+/ 'to see the entire item can be anything that you can use. Next press the alphabetical order of the items that you will use.
  • To see what items you carry in your inventory, pressI to see it.
  • To see more information about your character, press the'SThis information can indicate what the destiny of your choosing, or not choose. This information can also show a weapon, clothing, hats, and other objects in your hands, press the'PAGE DOWN to see more.
  • You have Vitality (HP), the lower your HP, then you could be killed. The higher your HP, the higher your attack power (Rogue Warrior and destiny). Next is the Mana (MP), which is a collection of magical energy in the Nexia. The bigger the MP, the more powerful the attack (Mage destiny and the Poet). Damage is a measure of how you can kill the enemy. AC, Armor Class is how vulnerable you are. When your air conditioner off, which occurs from wearing armor, one can not hurt you easily. And the next one is an experience that you should collect for up to the next level (maximum level 99), and become stronger.
  • F1 -> Delete an existing item in your inventory in accordance with the order alphabetic item
  • F5 -> Whisper (whisper) ON / OFF
  • ENTER -> Speaking
  • 'SHIFT+'" -> Whisper to a person wherever he is
  • 'SHIFT+'; -> Expressing emotions
  • ; -> Viewing
  • , -> Take items that were just below the character
  • U -> Using / dining
  • I -> Looking at the items you are carrying
  • O -> Open or close the door
  • H -> Giving an item to someone who was directly in front we
  • S -> Provide your own
  • 'SHIFT+'< -> Take all the items that are just below the character
  • SHIFT +'1 '-> Shouting what you can hear a screen

-> List of magic that you learned

  • C -> Changing the order of items available in your inventory
  • G -> Form to identify your group
  • T -> Throwing something you carry in inventory
  • 'SHIFT+'C -> Changing the order of the magic that you learned
  • 'SHIFT+'D -> Dropping all items to dijatukan (per alphabetical)
  • 'SHIFT+'E -> Transactions ON / OFF
  • 'SHIFT+'G -> Change the status of your group if the group ON or OFF
  • '1 - 0 '-> Using the magic quickly
  • 'Ctrl+'W -> See who is online (based on folder / server)
  • 'SHIFT+'Q -> Exit from the game
  • 'Alt+'F4 -> Quit (Exit)
  • 'Alt+'X -> Re-Login
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